Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cue Etta James...At last...

Where to begin? That I needed a vacation (or detox) after my recent school break? That we had some excellent food in the month of December? That, for the first time ever, I was sad to see the holidays end? That I failed (sort of) to live up to my lofty goal of baking for 12 neighbors?

I'll begin at the beginning - a very fine place to start, btw. When I reflected upon why I was so exhausted after not having been to school in more than 10 days, I realized that I had only been home 2 nights during that entire time. No mystery there, Nancy Drew! Of course one of those 2 nights was Christmas Eve when we (you owe me, Tom, for even considering that you assisted in the food prep/serving) hosted a dinner party, not exactly "downtime."

I will explicate on the good food in more detail later, but suffice it to say that McGuire's and Cafe Capriccio laid it down - we thoroughly enjoyed our meals at both of these establishments.

I believe that my fond feelings for the Christmas season were created by my insistence that we not travel on the actual day of Christmas. It changed everything for me, and what has previously been a dreaded day of too little sleep and too much driving, became instead a lovely relaxed day, followed 2 days later with a happily anticipated visit with family. *sigh* It was really nice. Next year's calendar, of course, will have the holidays falling on different days of the week, but we will make our best effort to remain at home on the years that we must work December 26th.

About my baking extravaganza...I completely underestimated how many other things would be going on (or simply overestimated my abilities :)), things that would prevent me from continuing to bake. I definitely provided more than 12 families with home-baked goods, however, they weren't all in the DelSo. I will revisit this goal next year - actually, I will resolve to meet this goal in 2010. There - a New Year's Resolution!

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