Monday, January 25, 2010

Fell in love...

this weekend with Pine Ridge Cross-Country Ski area! I've heard about this place for a number of years, but have never ventured a visit until this past Saturday. There has been an absolute lack of snow in Albany this winter and, other than last weekend's jaunt to Lapland Lake, my skis have remained in the basement. Saturday morning Liam & I hopped in the car and headed East. Within 45 minutes we were parked, with trail passes in hand (4 hands, 3 gloves alas) , and ready to go. Since it was Liam's first day out for the season and I really want him to LOVE the activity, we kept to some lower trails with moderate hill activity. The conditions were amazing! Heaps of snow, nicely groomed trails, brilliant blue really was ideal. We only stayed out for a couple of hours, but when we headed back to the car, Liam admitted that it had been "pretty fun." We wrapped up our adventures with a quick lunch at Wolff's Biergarten where we enjoyed the sliders & fries as well a bit of the Leeds match.

Because I have a (slight) tendency to be a bit hyper about exercise, and the forecast for the beginning of this week is unusually warm, I went back again solo on Sunday and hit some of the more challenging trails. I definitely got a good workout - sweat was dripping down my back and my glasses were totally fogged up at times. I took one good spill and partially walked down a couple of Black Diamond hills since I don't like the idea of breaking a limb when I'm skiing alone in a remote area - and I do mean remote. During my 2+ hours out yesterday I saw only 1 couple skiing. Other than that it was me and the mountain.

My most favorite place to ski is Albany Muni because it is 5 minutes from my home in the DelSo and I can bring Cassidy, but Pine Ridge is my new-next-favorite. Anyone interested in joining me next time?

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