Sunday, July 25, 2010

Making Tracks to Wellfleet

We're off today for our annual visit to Cape Cod, so postings for the next two weeks will be sparse, if not nonexistent.   We've visited the Cape every summer since 1999 and it is  a tradition we all look forward to enjoying each year.  Our first few years, we stayed in the Harwichport or South Chatham area, but for the last 5 years we've rented in Wellfleet, and I absolutely love it there.  I mean, love it to the point that if I could move there without losing my place on the salary chart, I would do it in a heartbeat. In my "moving to Wellfleet" fantasy, Tom & I open a little wine bar and enjoy raising the boys in a small town that happens to expand for three months each year.  I've heard the winters there are a bit more mild, but imagine (this is a fantasy, imagining is mandatory) there are still 4 seasons and if it is too mild to x-country ski, I guess we could bike more months of the year.  And, since we wouldn't have to take a two week vacation to the beach if we lived there, we could always take x-country ski vacations during the winter instead.

For the next two weeks, we'll be riding bikes, bouncing between the ocean, the bay and our favorite ponds, and trying to get our fill of fish and ice cream.  When we come back home, the Delaware Avenue roadwork should be finished and hopefully the DelSo will again be walkable.  

Until our return, enjoy all the wonderful things the Albany area has to offer.  See you in August!


  1. We absolutely love, love, love Welfleet also. My dream would be to retire there. My husband would be a handy man around town and I would work as a gardener and maybe part-time as a home chef. And I would definitely volunteer at the wonderful Wellfleet library.

  2. Third Auntie - You & I are obviously twins separated at birth! Wellfleet was wonderful, as always.