Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy Hour experience #1 - D.P.'s

We began our Happy Hour journey appropriately enough at D.P.'s. Appropriately enough, because Tom & I met while working for the Purnomo family at the original Yono's on Robinson Square. A long time ago. We dropped on one late afternoon in October and cozied up to the bar. The Happy Hour special features 5 appetizers available for $5, as well as a selection of wines by the glass for $6. The crowd at D.P.'s in interesting - a mix of out-of-towners that I attributed to the hotel location and some locals in the 30-40ish range. The service at the bar is excellent - it is nice to be acknowledged quickly in a bar and dealt with professionally. We selected 3 appetizers from the menu: fried oysters, seared sea scallops and a gourmet ravioli. All of the appetizers were good although the temperature of the items was a bit lacking. I enjoyed a couple of glasses of dry rose (A-Z Pinot Noir Rose)which paired really well with the food, the weather, my mood, etc. Pink wine is pretty, what can I say? In all honesty, I should have taken some detailed notes about the preparation of the items, but I forgot that my memory isn't what it used to be before children. The best way to rectify my vagueness, will be a repeat trip downtown - and at a total cost of $38.20 pre-tip, I can afford to do that even during the holiday season.

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