Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Let the festivities begin!

Tonight the girls are coming over for brisket and copious amounts of red wine. Since Jaclyn is Jewish and we're having brisket, the theme for the night is "Mock Chanukah." If you say Mock Chanukah fast and kind of meld the words into one, and make that "k" sound in your throat with some excess saliva, it sounds downright Yiddish. Try it.

Christmas Eve will be an orgy of baking, cooking, eating & drinking. Perhaps the best day of the year, in my opinion. I'll deliver some baked goods to a neighbor, and bake some scones for friends. I have a fantasy that at some point after the Christmas Eve feast, I'll wander through the neighborhood, camera in hand, and snap some pictures of the more colorfully decorated houses. Maybe I'll make this a little contest...hmmm. If I view the lights tonight, I can reward the winner with a loaf of fresh bread tomorrow. I must to admit, that house on Delaware Avenue all decked out in red and white lights is on the top of my list.

Hope you're all feeling prepared to celebrate. Don't stress about the minor things, just enjoy the chance to share time, love, and laughter with those you care about. Too bad we don't make the time to do that more often.

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