Monday, June 20, 2011

Best friggin' whipped cream - ever

Be warned - once you use Meadowbrook Farms heavy cream to make whipped cream you will be ruined for any other whipped cream.  Period.  I don't know where the stuff is available retail, I just add it to my weekly order when I need a fix, but it is in your best interest to find this glorious dairy product.

This time of the year, all it takes for a perfect ending (which often exceeds a happy ending), is some whipped cream, some berries or other fruit, and perhaps an angel food or pound cake.  Simple. 

You do make your own whipped cream, right?  Because it is so easy, there's really no reason to ingest funky chemicals (hello, Cool Whip) when all it takes is heavy cream, sugar and perhaps a few dribbles of vanilla or some other extract or liqueur of your liking.  For no logical or legitimate reason, I don't own a hand mixer so I do my whipping by hand - always using a stainless bowl which has spent a little time in the refrigerator getting cool.  Whip, whip, beat, beat and in a few short minutes you've got yourself a delectable confection ready to be used as dip (fingers allowed), a frosting or the perfect thing to dollop into after dinner coffees.  Make this and be happy with summer's simple delights. 


  1. Hey, I can be happy with just the bowl of whipped cream. Meadowbrook Farms dairy is available at the Delmar Marketplace if you don't get it delivered to your house.

  2. Well of course you whip your own cream by hand, little miss awesome ;)

    I think I've bought some of that heavy cream at the co-op and have to agree. It's great stuff to whip!

  3. On some blogs, the instructions to "whip, whip, beat, beat" *and* "a happy ending" might raise an eyebrow. Here, your readers totally get you: a foodie with a taste for words. Well-done, DelSo. Thanks for making this reader smile!

  4. @Caroline - That is good to know - thank you! For now (berry season), it is part of my weekly delivery. :)

    @AJ - Hope you got to enjoy a taste of this heavenly ambrosia on Sunday. Thanks for the invite!

    @Anon - Seems that you "get me," too. Thank you.