Sunday, August 14, 2011

Warrior Dash

Myself and James - Laker Warriors!
Left big toe...right shin...heel of my left hand...Oh!  Sorry, I was a bit distracted performing an inventory of the minor injuries and bruises I racked up earlier today down at Windham Mountain.  Yes, I did the Warrior Dash, which, as you know, makes me a Warrior.  And I have the horns to prove it!

How was it?  Well organized, very pleasantly populated and a blast, pretty much sums it up for me.  Along with genuinely challenging, of course, in terms of the hills involved - both up and down.  The up part was just brutal!  I wore my crappy sneakers, a pair of Nikes that earned the "crappy" dubbing because they became too small somehow.  Ok, I realize it probably means something changed with my feet and it's not the fault of the shoes, but, still, I knew today was their last day with me.  I guess they wanted a proper, lingering goodbye and I imagine my toes are going to continue to be a bit uncomfortable for a couple of days from their overly zealous death grip hug farewell.  I tossed them on the donation pile when I was finished and I wish the best of luck to the person who receives them after they've been cleaned up.

Dash?  More like a shuffle at times
Anyway - back to the endless up...Between the density of the participants and the steepness of the hill, running was not really an option.  Getting to the top of the course took a lot out of me and at one point I was concerned about what I would have left for the obstacles.  Fortunately, my training as a mother to three boys regime left me with enough gas in the tank to plow through the obstacles.  They really weren't nearly as difficult as I imagined they would be.  In fact, I surprisingly enough, found myself in a position were I was forced to patiently wait my chance to attack an obstacle because of the pace of some of the folks ahead of me.  

The downhill bits had their own peril. Despite the rains having held off for us (thanks, Universe!), the grass was mostly sodden.  Combining the pitch of the hill, the muddy grass and my saturated sneakers, created the perfect storm of potential for injuries.  The trails that that wound through the more wooded areas were a combination of loose rocks and tree roots - definitely terrain to keep an eye out for to avoid an ankle twist or knee scrapping.  

The last of the obstacles came in rapid succession and I was kind of sad to see the finish line.  What a blast!  If you've ever seen an obstacle course and wondered what it must feel like to propel your body through it, I suggest you consider this event next year.  I know folks complain that it is pricey (less than $50 if you register early), but the price includes a good quality beer, horns and a t-shirt.  Plus, you really can't put a price on an opportunity to hang with best friends and behave like the children you were when you first met so many years ago.  And, to the poor fellow behind (ha!) me clambering over the logs in the muddy water - sorry about mooning you when my pants slipped off my ass.  Bet you didn't figure that into the price of admission!


  1. Top 25% of your age group, nice!

  2. Thanks! I'm hoping that next year will be even better because I move up a category. Unless, of course, those 45-49s are even faster!

  3. I came to your Facebook site for the SOLE purpose of seeing if there was a write up. Loved reading it! LOVED LOVED the surprise ending :-) Sooo funny.

    I am going to sign up for the Atlanta one next year. Unless I get a wild hair and fly out to you.