Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pink Party 2012

You'd think that after attending the last three of these events I'd know precisely what to expect - attractive men and women clad in various shades of pink having a good time for a good cause.  I always see someone I haven't seen in years, the beverages usually lean more to vodka than cava and the night would be incomplete without a smooch from Tom Moore.  Yet, despite the predictability of this annual event, there's always room for a surprise - like last night's, and I hope this term isn't offensive, drag queens.  How fun!  And I have never seen as many swingers in one room as I did last night.  I mean, that's what you would call the folks taking liberties with the rope swing at Matt Baumgartner's house, right?  

A great host, a beautiful crowd and good cause = a fun night.  Thanks for always being a gracious host, Matt.  You really know how to throw a party!  More pics here.

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