Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Looking good, Nicole's

Have you been on Delaware Avenue recently?  After many months, the days of  avoiding the construction and related traffic back-ups are finally ending. The Delaware Avenue project is quietly coming to a close - and, boy, does it look great!  I can't decide which features I'm happiest about -  the beautiful marked crosswalks, the new lighting, the improved intersection of Delaware and Whitehall, the solar trash many improvements, both aesthetic and practical to choose from. 

It seems that the extensive road work has inspired a long term presence in the DelSo, Nicole's Restaurant,  to  make some positive changes to the exterior of 556 Delaware Avenue recently.  Although I haven't eaten at Nicole's in a while, my last dining experience there (1/09?) was positive enough for me to have sent a note to the owner about what a terrific meal my work group had at that time.  The service and food were really good and the kitchen accommodated my request for a half portion of pasta without hesitation.  Their Hazelnut Chicken is legendary and I've always enjoyed the Penne Sorgento and Eggplant Roulade.  Full menu here.  My only beef with the 3 restaurants closest to my home (Sam's Italian-American, Wine n Diner and Nicole's) is that they are all closed on Monday nights.  Come on, people, couldn't one of you  picked another day (maybe Tuesday?) to close?  As consolation, I offer the fact that I'll be at the Lark Street Bar and Bistro that night of the week, so we can see each other there.  Maybe I'll even see Carmella, Dmitri and Margaret (and you, of course) there!

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  1. I drove by just the other day and had the same thought about how good the place looks.

    I can't remember the last time I had their hazelnut chicken. Hmm... a visit may be in order...