Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy Hour #4 - Kitchen Pass Edition

Yes, I know that I am posting my Happy Hour experiences out of order, but it is my blog. I wanted to share my experiences from Friday while they are fresh since I've already proven that I lose details as time passes. To begin - is anyone familiar with the term "Kitchen Pass" or is just a term known to my Greenwood Lake friends? Where I come from, a Kitchen Pass means that there is an opportunity to get out of the house untethered. A friend, who likes to be called Aloysius, advertised that he had a such a Pass so I suggested he come up to Albany and join me for some shopping in Saratoga. (Despite his staunch heterosexualness, the girls have always considered Aloysius to be one of us.) He declined, so I upped the ante with an offer of Happy Hour research. To this, he agreed.

We started at Wolff's Biergarten on Broadway. We arrived at about 6:15, well into the FridayPuppy Happy Hour event. The place was hopping (beer joke) and filled with folks ranging in age from early 20's to AARP members. It took some effort to initially get a beer, but the music was great, the people were friendly and the beer delicious. I even made an instant Facebook friend! A great start to our night.

We decided to visit the hubby at work and headed to Dale Miller for a cocktail. As fate would have it, the available bar stools were directly in front of the Jameson's, so Aloysius was immediately comfortable despite the leap we made in swankiness. Lars made me my favorite martini of all time - this delicious chocolate-raspberry concoction that she has dubbed the "Lilly." I am not a martini girl, but this taste of heaven in a glass is enough to convert me. John, I mean Aloysius, had a very interesting conversation at the bar with a man who may have offered him the opportunity to purchase his multi-million dollar software business. We'll know more about that next week. Since I can only drink 1 martini, it was time to move on to the next place.

New World Bistro Bar has quickly become our favorite neighborhood place for a drink and a light bite. The atmosphere is inviting, the staff familiar and friendly, and it is a terrific last stop on the way home place. We finished up here with a delicious cheeseburger, perfectly medium rare, and an order of Duck Picadillo Empanadas and a couple of beers. Very enjoyable.

One of my oldest friends + 3 fairly new Albany dining & drinking spots = a great night out. Happy Hour #4 was a resounding success.

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