Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy Hour Research - someone has to do it.

Tom & I are on a mission to explore Monday night Happy Hour opportunities around town. So far, we have three under our belt, and we are beginning to mentally describe our experiences within some sort of formal structure. Because there is too much describe right now, I will instead try to verbalize what our criteria were as we were evaluating our experience: the primary of which is value. Our definition of "value" is based upon the following concept: Were we more happy than resentful when we forked over the $ to pay the check? We feel that Happy Hour is low key, ideally something we can manage a couple of times of month - not a "chargeable" expense. It should be an indulgence that a couple can pay for without resorting to plastic - immediate gratification and obligation, shall we say. We like to frequent independently owned restaurants, we aren't chain people, particularly when we are traveling light - w/o children. And we'd like the evening to be about 2 (happy) hours. Based upon these considerations and factors, this week I will begin to describe the experiences we have had so far, at three terrific, independently owned restaurants here in town.

~ to be continued

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  1. I do Monday night movies at the palace. This week was the Three Stooges film fest. It was a lot of laughs--- followed by beers at Susies which never disappoints.

    PS I ran into a Dale Miller gal who said she served you and your wonderful kids recently....Smallbany moment!