Friday, August 19, 2011

New Old Bling

So, I've had this belt of my mother's for about 20 years.  It never fit me, so I can't imagine how it ever fit her, (which may be why I got it to begin with) but, I've always loved it.  Over the years, the belt had fallen into a state of disrepair, yet, I didn't have the heart to abandon it to the trash.  During my recent home rearrangement I once again came across the belt and greeted it with a sigh.  But, this time the sigh was followed by an aha moment.  I realized that I knew a person who could use her talents to create a unique, wearable item from the shambles of this by now vintage belt.  Elissa Halloran to the rescue. And just look what she made!  I immediately put this necklace on and imagine I will be working it into the rotation with great frequency because it makes me feel like Isis when I wear it.  I am absolutely in love.

Speaking of love, you know I have big love for Elissa and consider myself a collector of sorts of her jewelry, particularly her fabulous necklaces.  Please tell me you visit her shop on Lark Street.  You do, right?  Let me show you some reasons you should frequent her sweet little store on the off chance that you don't already...
One of my favorites from about 10 years ago

A special gift from my special friends, the Clancys

From me, to me

These three pieces provide a pretty good example of the variety of work Elissa does, I think.  The first piece always makes me feel like a Celtic warrior princess when I wear it - it is a strong statement necklace that speaks in an unrefined, natural voice and it really goes with most anything.  The middle necklace was a complete surprise purchased for me by friends in Boston and selected personally by Elissa for me.  That is one of the super cool things about Elissa - she knows her clientele and has helped me to choose items for friends when I have been overwhelmed by the options.  I love that middle piece because it is beautifully delicate, yet assertive at the same time - perhaps the "me" I strive to be.  The bottom piece is a favorite for sure.  The photo doesn't do the greens justice, however, trust me, it is stunning.  There is so much texture and there are so many shapes involved in this necklace, but they are balanced by Elissa's tremendous eye for design. 

First Friday is coming up soon - the perfect chance to visit Elissa's store and purchase a piece of wearable art that will bring you joy for many years to come.  Making something beautiful is Elissa's talent, wearing something beautiful should be your aspiration.

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