Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What's Barbarone???

Full disclosure: I work at the Wine Bar & Bistro on Lark Street

There are two questions I  can always count on being asked when I'm serving at the Wine Bar:  Can I get your number?  What is Poussin and what is Barbarone?  Poussin, frequently misread for poisson, is a young chicken, not fish.  And Barbarone?  Well, that's a slice of heaven on a plate.  

For my first meal back in town, sans children, I headed down to Lark Street with a craving for a thoughtfully selected glass of wine, or three, and something tasty to eat.  My dog's sitter was preparing to relinquish her back to the DelSo and I knew a good meal would make their parting easier, so I invited him to join me.  Addison is an excellent dining companion and I didn't regret extending an invitation to him until that damned Barbarone hit the table.  I did not want to share.  Oh, I'm sorry, I haven't yet described what this delectable dessert is...

As a coworker perfectly stated, Barbarone is French Toast that has had a million dollars thrown at it.  Or, more specifically, Barbarone is a wedge of challah bread which has been soaked in cream, coated with sugar, baked and then bruleed (apologies for the lack of punctuation here).  At the WBB on Lark it is finished with a simple citrus syrup of sorts and, if you really want to bang it out of the park, a glass of the La Spinetta Moscato di Asti on the side.  Oh my goodness, it may just be my new favorite dessert.  Next time, though, I'm getting my own.


  1. Oh yum - looks great! I'll have to try that pairing. I can't say no to any sweet dish that combines crunchy bruleed goodness with soft squishy.

  2. wow. I'm still reeling from the peach infused goat cheese mousse with almond biscotti I just had at the Gingerman, but this got my mouth watering all over again!

  3. Googgling Pousson, can't quite find it. Is it a typo in the menu? A poussin (with an 'i') is a young chicken in French. That Barbarone looks evil in a good way.

  4. Damn you, lack of an editor! Merci, Sebastien, for stepping in to assist. ;)