Friday, March 23, 2012

Incredibly well adjusted

The first time I went to a chiropractor I was in a bad way.  Although I can't recall the exact nature of my complaint, I'm sure it originated in my lower back because that was where things used to hurt.  I remember being a bit hesitant about having my back "cracked" and feeling awkward about the process. I was skeptical about what the results would be, too. I mean, after all, it wasn't real medicine, right?

Lee Masterson, at Delmar Chiropractic at 204 Delaware Avenue, has been my go to guy since the practice opened in 1999, the year my middle son was born.  I was committed to having a natural childbirth experience and felt that it was important that my body be in alignment to facilitate this process. What I hadn't correctly anticipated was my need for regular adjusting post-birth.  I can't imagine I was alone in "bumping" my hip out to provide the perfect straddle spot to support my infant, yet my body took it personally.  And revolted.  

One of the things I most appreciate about Lee is his respect for the integrity of the body.  He works in concert with my spine, my muscles and my lifestyle to help me maintain my good health.  During the years when I struggled with back discomfort, he taught me to recognize and address my body's complaints and I feel much more confident in my ability to assess my state of wellness.  I make it a habit, particularly these days as I approach 20 miles of running per week, to check my posture and eyeball the levelness of my shoulder and hips.  When things don't feel or look right, I call Lee's office and arrange for a maintenance appointment.

I'm really fortunate to have health insurance which covers chiropractic care and a visit costs only a co-pay.  My oldest son as a toddler had an issue with a slightly inverted foot and Lee saw him for $3 a visit, his age at the time.  How's that for commitment to your practice?  On occasion over the years, I've seen other providers in the DC office and I have been consistently impressed by the care I've received. I certainly can't claim to be completely balanced in a life filled with boys, work and exercise, but I can say with complete confidence that my skeleton at least is very well adjusted.

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