Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thank you

How many of you have friends with whom you have shared 30+ years of life? When I think of what I want for my children and their futures, I sincerely wish that they are fortunate enough to create friendships with people which will remain as a constant throughout their lives. When I first came to know my husband, Tom, one of the most tremendous things we shared (aside from parallel lives, of course) was the experience of having long term friendships. I know I have a very good life, and one of the greatest assets I possess would have to be my group of friends. Yesterday I met the girls in Woodstock and we enjoyed our usual exchange of laughter, memories, inside jokes never to be forgotten, vulgarities and sincere, heartfelt emotions. And lunch, of course. The day can be capsulized in the final moments we shared. As we walked across Tinker Square, a musician was playing guitar and singing, brightening a gray, January afternoon with his raspy voice and strumming. I admired his commitment to his art, and his attempt to make some cash, and walked to him to throw some $$ in his otherwise empty jar. As I walked back over to the girls, he switched songs - Led Zeppelin's Thank You. Well, who could resist that? Particularly on a day where the topic was very much about denial and resistance? The three of us gathered together a few feet from the man who was now lead vocals to our back-ups, and we sang right along with him. The three of us saying Thank You for too many things to itemize. The three of us thankful for each other and all we have ever dared to share.

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