Monday, February 1, 2010

Lost: The Month of January

Generally, I find the first month of the year to be exceedingly long, particularly in a year with a severe lack of snow. Something, however, happened this year and the month of January flew by me. When I rolled out of bed this morning to half-heartedly welcome a new work week and month, I wished for another January day - preferably a Sunday. As I considered why I was so tired, I thought I would share what the last week in January 2010 entailed for me.

Monday 1/25 - Barenaked Ladies show at Wolf's 1-11 followed by a lite dinner at Creo

Tuesday 1/26 - An appointment in the morning followed by lunch with the girls in Woodstock

at the Little Bear.

Wednesday 1/27 - Meeting after school and finally an evening at home!

Thursday 1/28 - Volunteered to help at the Hope for Haiti event - made mad mojitos!

Following my bartending stint, headed to Dale Miller to say hi to the hubby

and then met a friend at New World Bistro Bar for a glass of wine - home by


Friday 1/29 - Took the boys to Crossgates to address Liam's need for new sneakers. Dinner

at Johnny Rockets - a greasy crowd pleaser.

Saturday 1/30 - Spinning class, housecleaning, manicure then work at McGuire's

Sunday 1/31 - Brunch for 6 at home - Eggs Benedict, more housecleaning and then to

dp's/Yono's for Tom's holiday party.

And that, my friends was a pretty typical week in the life. On deck for this week - Science Fair Project (I despise the Science Fair), a retirement dinner and the first episode of the last season of LOST. And hopefully a recoup of my energy so I can write something that is more than a regurgitation of my week's activities.

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