Friday, February 5, 2010

Fumbling in the dark - missing the light

Usually, 2 mornings a week I go to the gym before school. On these days, I am so happy to be able to go directly home after school, that leaving the house by 5:25 doesn't seem too daunting of a task. Generally, I have my workout clothes ready to go in the bathroom and I simply get dressed and slip out of the house. Well, this morning I wasn't my usual organized self and I needed to grope in the dark to find a suitable shirt for my yoga class. I have a pretty amazing tactile sense and I reached into my t-shirt drawer and felt a shirt that I haven't worn or seen for quite awhile. When I pulled it out, I had to smile - it was a shirt given to me by my mother-in-law, Sheila. Today is the 2nd anniversary of her death and as I typed those words, my eyes filled with tears. I really miss her. And her absence in our family (her family) is very much a void which can never be filled. The memory of her, her light, will always outshine any darkness and I know each time we find something we need that came originally from her, (a pair of flip flops in my car when I was on my way to get a pedicure, a springform pan when making tiramisu, a lavender pullover for yoga this morning), that she is still shining on us. Thank you, Sheila. We love and miss you.


  1. Funny...I thought of her today as I was driving through the Berkshires and Pittsfield...actually I think of the Lilly clan every time I'm out that way!

  2. I always think, Karen, of the lovely card you sent to us when Sheila died. You wrote something inside it about how you'll always think of Sheila with one Lilly boy on her back, one in her arms and one holding her around the legs. The perfect picture. And Jay at the memorial service telling us that he had cried despite not knowing Sheila. So glad we have these memories to share, my friend.