Tuesday, April 19, 2011

California impressions - part 2

There are a lot of bicyclists, which is a good thing since many of them do not wear helmets. I imagine there must be a high number of cyclists that do not survive accidents.

Speaking of high, 420 seems to be a way of life here. On Venice Beach they even offered medical evaluations to obtain a prescription for marijuana. What do you think? A couple of cancers, loss of weight...I think I could have been a contender.

Universal Studios was a little lame, but perfect for a 5 or 6 hour day. There really isn't a lot of ground to cover and there aren't too many rides or attractions. I think we hit just about everything, including the backlot tour which was kind of cool. What was decidedly not cool was paying $20 (in addition to the $148 for 2 admission tickets) to park.

Freeway driving isn't as scary as I imagined. Maybe if I didn't have my NYC girl background I would have been more overwhelmed, but I did fine. And I love the carpool lane.

The people here are polite and smile a lot. It must be the sunshine. Or the marijuana.


  1. I have lived here for almost two years and have had no interest in Disney or Universal Studios. I guess, it is because they can not even compete with Orlando.
    The availability of pot, supposed medicinal, does not surprise me. The California outlook has always been liberal, sometimes loose, and free. The legality of it, or course, is always in question. How many marajuana outlets are in LA alone?

  2. Statistically, bicycling is less dangerous than being a pedestrian, so the helmetless ones aren't in all that much danger. :)