Monday, April 11, 2011

Lark Street on a sunny day

What a gorgeous weekend, huh?  For a change, I had nothing going on other than a series of mini-dates with friends.  I got outside a bit, visited with my neighbors, and attended to some tasks involving seasonal wardrobe changes for myself and the boys. All in all a productive and relaxing couple of days.  

Lark Street was buzzing on Saturday with families walking to and from the Washington Avenue Armory where the 7th Annual Northeast Family Chocolate Festival was being held.  While I was tempted to check it out, the weather was too beautiful for me to seriously consider going indoors.  Fortunately, Lark Street offers some food options which completely filled the void.  I started at Kinnaree on the corner of Lark and Spring.  I've gotten take out from there in the past and am mildly obsessed with their fresh spring rolls ($5.95 for 2), which is what I went with again because I was looking for something light and delicious.  I don't know how great of a recipe this is, but, if you're not familiar with these lovely rice paper wrapped rolls, check it out to see what I'm talking about.  Sorry for the lack of photo, but I basically inhaled these before meeting my friend.  I wasn't sharing.

al fresco sweet treat

Crisan offered the perfect sweet treat to follow my lunch and Chrissy and I both went with the Porcelain Cake which was the perfect size to feel indulgent with overdoing it.  It was delicious - not too sweet, and loaded with coconut.  Perfect with a well made cappuccino. 

awesome ad by Ken Ragsdale at Capital Wine and Spirits

Lark Street was charming this weekend - there really seem to be some cool options for noshing your way between Washington and Madison Avenues, particularly on the north end of the street.  Imagine if some of these wishes were granted?  Personally, I've been fantasizing about a satellite of the Honest Weight Co-op on Lark for a very long time.  How about you?  What do you think would be a positive addition to Lark Street?


  1. I was thinking the same too after spending most of my weekend in downtown Troy. The Pioneer Food Coop near 3rd street is really valuable to that area. As much as I like the two bodegas a block or two from my place in Center Square, something more substantial would be great.

  2. Can anything with coconut ever be wrong? What an excellent day!

  3. In my imagination the co-op has produce, some cheeses and basic bulk items like rice, flour, other grains, and maybe some staple spices. Doesn't seem like it would take much to get it up and running and I think the space where that terrible Aussie restaurant was would be perfect.

    AJ - I love that Crisan's stuff isn't too sweet or too massive. Very civilized sweets, for sure.

  4. "I think the space where that terrible Aussie restaurant was would be perfect.". A bit too tight I would say. The old Planned Parenthood building?