Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pink Party

photo from Albert J Gnidica
You know how I always seem to have something fun to do immediately after surgery?  Well, I had a little "procedure" on Thursday and naturally had an event on my calendar for the very next evening.  Fortunately, the surgery went really well and I was in fine form to attend Matt Baumgartner and Chris Pratt's Pink Party.  This annual event is a fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and $75 got attendees an open bar, some food and opportunity to live la vida Baumgartner, if only for 3 hours.  Matt's place was decorated festively, the bartenders worked their asses off and my only (small) complaint was that there was an overzealous worker who took my nearly full beer from the table behind me - twice.  It's hard to catch a buzz when two or three sips in, someone steals your beer.  And, in case you're wondering why I was drinking beer instead of wine, allow me to illustrate what prompted my decision:

Wine snob, I'm not, but maybe next year (if I make the guest list again, of course), I can help Matt select a pretty pink dry Rose' instead of that "sweet red."  

There were beautiful people galore and women so bodacious to cause me to doubt my own femininity, but I was more than happy to pull out my pink dress and insert myself into the mix.  I say "my pink dress" because I only have one and since I've already used it as a costume I needed to change it up a bit.  It is amazing what a couple of safety pins and black accessories can do to change the appearance of a dress, and I think it looked great ruched up and made into an above the knee look.  Of course, what I wore wasn't really that important - the important part was $9000. was raised for a worthy organization.  


  1. Agreed! It was a great time and a good cause.

  2. How rude was I not to show up when Matt went and bought wine just for me??

    Looks like an awesome time, as all Baumgatner parties are.