Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Eternal Ones

After what feels like a long time, I've fallen in love with reading books again and have relegated the iPad to a place not on my nightstand. Yes, yes, I know that some folks read books on iPads or other electronic readers, but that isn't really my way. I like to turn pages.

Anticipating a couple of personal days contending with a civil lawsuit (intriguing, yes?), I grabbed a novel to occupy my mind - Kirsten Miller's the eternal ones. From the jacket I was able to determine that it was a tale similar to Ann Brashare's My Name is Memory and The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. I cracked the jacket with realistic enthusiasm and proceeded to be...mildly entertained? Here's the good news - there are a couple of likable characters and the descriptions of Italy and New York City provide interest and color. The book is also a really quick read, I read faster and faster because I was so amused by the ridiculousness of the story that I couldn't wait to see what inaneness came next. The only thing unpredictable about the plot was the consistently unimagined absurd plot twists.

This book had it all - romance, religion, adventure, drug abuse, a lovable gay stereotype, fashion, travel, mystery, suspense, humor, Satan... The only thing missing was plausibility. Hey, guess you can't have everything, right? Like those hours back that I spent reading this dreck.


  1. haha my problem is I read books in the bathtub so an e-reader wouldn't be that great of a fit. If you want descriptions of New York City "Rules of Civility" by Amor Towles is very interesting. It all takes place in one year 1938 in the life of a girl in her twenties, and shows how that year and the people that she meets change the circumstances of her life forever. It is all gin, silk dresses, cocktail shakers in the shape of miniature airplanes - fabulous!