Monday, January 30, 2012

Sunday Mornings in the DelSo

I've always loved Sundays - fat newspapers, leisurely breakfasts, a second cup of coffee... They're just relaxing. For the last couple of months, I've switched things up a bit, though, delaying my TU fix until a bit later in the morning to squeeze in a little yoga at the DelSo's own Yoga Loft. Although adding something to a day doesn't always equate with enhancing well being, yoga, perhaps exercise in general, scoffs at this notion. Making the time to stretch my body and calm down my brain is an addition to my schedule that starts the day off with balance and community - ommmmmmmmmmmm.

The Sunday morning Sadhana is more of a shared practice than a class designed to instruct. The mood is mellow with lots of constructive observations, countless adaptations, and a decidedly casual feel. If you're looking to be pushed, this is probably not going to be your thing. However, if you're interested in exploring and sharing your practice, as well as making a monetary donation to a local organization, you need to get yourself to 540 Delaware Avenue Sunday morning.

Here's the skinny: Sunday mornings from 9:30-11 (isn't that a nice civilized Sunday time?) the Yoga Loft offers a weekly class with a rotating schedule of teachers.  The price?  Pay what you will.  Now, don't be cheap because the money is donated, on a monthly basis, to charity.  January's recipient was the Humane Society.  See?  Feel good physically, spiritually, mentally and karmically.  And, yes, karmically is a word. It's in the free dictionary.

Sunday morning bliss is only going to get more...ah, blissful, when All Good Bakers hits the space right next door to the Yoga Loft.  Good thing I can walk there - that parking lot is going to be full!

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  1. We can't wait to be a regular stop in your weekend morning routine!