Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mountain Jam 2012

For the second consecutive year, I headed down to Hunter Mountain to meet the guys and drink beer listen to some music.  Although I didn't commit to getting a ticket until midweek, I had been eyeing the schedule for months.  I ultimately decided that Sunday's lineup was the most appealing to me despite my interest in seeing Ben Folds, who played on Saturday. Believe me, at this point in my life I've accepted that it simply isn't possible to have everything and I wanted to check out Steve Winwood again after having seen him at The Egg a few years ago.

The impressive thunderstorms that rocked the DelSo failed to materialize in Hunter, but it did seem as if the threat of bad weather had discouraged some potential concert goers.  Parking wasn't too difficult and other than an inordinately long line for vegetarian fare, the wait for refreshments and bathrooms wasn't unreasonable.  The hillside was a bit treacherous, particularly to those who had overindulged (side note: If you were born pre-1990, and still haven't learned to moderate your consumption, it's time.  Post-menopausal and falling down drunk are not a good look.), but a layer of straw helped provide traction and there was always the option of taking a $5 shower if one got particularly dirty.  And speaking of dirty, could someone please explain the appeal of flip flops, or even bare feet, at one of these events? The thought of mud (or worse) between my toes simply skeeves me.

Here's the bill we enjoyed.  I didn't get down there until about 4:00, which got me in right at the sweet spot of the Tedeschi Trucks Band.  I must say, while I've always enjoyed Derek Trucks' guitar skills, I wasn't always impressed with the amount of soul he put into his playing.  This show was an exception to his typical technician sort of playing and I loved watching he and the missus playing together.  Franti was his usual wave of joyful sunshine, including a rainbow inducing close to his set, and Steve Winwood played with zeal and decades of experience, but I definitely found him more captivating in the small venue of The Egg.

All in all - a great day with some terrific musicians and a couple of even better than great friends. 


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