Sunday, June 3, 2012

Je ne comprends pas

Things I did not understand as a child:     
  • How the band playing the songs on the car radio fit into the trunk      
  • How the French Toast could possibly be so thick.  Was there some secret             ingredient that made it fluff up? (No, they just cut the bread thick.)       
Things I do not understand as an adult:    
  • Not living a full life every day, whatever that means to you.  Taking a nap, spending time with people you love, seeing, tasting or trying something new...      
  • A grown up not able to take care of themselves financially.  I know there are situations when we all need some help, but, a definition of grown up in my personal dictionary includes financially independent.

1 comment:

  1. As a kid not getting it:
    My father pretty much drove us everywhere. Once, after he merged onto an interstate, I asked, "Why do you bow to the highway every time you drive onto it?" Turns out he was just leaning forward a little to check the side view mirror.