Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Thoughts from a rainy day run...

  • Interesting isn't it, the way "letting go" and "holding on" are continually swapping positions on the difficulty scale of life? Some days I just can't decide which is harder to do - or the right thing thing to do, for that matter. 
  •  While I used to imagine my having less brains and more butt in my next life, I'm a bit surprised that the trade actually turned out to be an exchange of boobs for butt. Goodbye 36C, hello 32B. And that small almost curve in my tush? Thank you, hills of Albany Muni, for that.
  • Exchanging today for tomorrow is not a good deal.  Nor is now for then, then being either in the past or in the future. Today is much more valuable. Even when it's raining.

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