Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mad Men & Fab Women

I may have come to the game a bit late but, these days I am firmly on the field with Mad Men. I think this show originally was brought to my attention by Matt Baumgartner on his Friday Puppy blog. Although neither Matt nor I are into women, we apparently share the same appreciation for the zaftig Joanie - she is smoking hot. The title of this series is a bit misleading, because, seriously, the female characters are at least as riveting as the males. Betty Draper (on the left) absolutely freaks me out - she is so patrician and beautiful, but seems to yearn for a more earthy experience of life. Out of all the women on the show, she makes me the most uncomfortable with her coy manipulation and innocent blue eyes. And Peggy (on the right) is such a mess of conflicted Catholic guilt and ambition that I don't know whether to lead her to the confession booth or to the nearest cocktail lounge. But, Joanie... she's the one I would ask for advice about how to land the resident hottie, Don Draper. Yes, yes, he's married, but in my imaginary 1962 world - he isn't. Joanie and I could be roommates and share clothes and smoke endless cigarettes together while dishing about men and their manly ways. And all the time I currently spend going to the gym would be spent eating donuts and drinking scotch.


  1. Donuts and scotch? Sounds like a party :)

    I still have not watched this show, I keep meaning to order it off of Netflix but I've seen enough pics to know the fashion is going to *kill* me. I was so born during the wrong era. I love love love late 50's, early 60's fashion.

  2. The characters are really intriguing. And the fashions are to die for. Counting the days until the next season becomes available on Netflix...5 is the magic number!