Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Smells Like (pre-)Teen Spirit

I have an acute sense of smell. Not hyper-sensitive-like-a-pregnant-woman, but still, my nose sometimes gives me more information than I would like. When I walked into my house on Monday, I detected a new aroma; a manly smell, if you will. Since Griffin was the first person I encountered, my investigation began with him. I asked him if he knew what that smell was - had there perhaps been an unfamiliar man in the house? He feigned ignorance (really well, too). I persisted - did he smell anything different? After a few more questions, he rather sheepishly offered an was his deodorant. Apparently, his class has been meeting with the school nurse and getting "the talk." He was now the proud owner of a trial sized stick of Old Spice. He explained that he had gotten a little sweaty on the bus on the way home, so he had used his new deodorant to freshen up. How cute is that??

In the last few weeks, I have been struck by how quickly my boys are growing up. It is such a damn cliche, but it does seem like yesterday that they were babies and now 2 of the 3 are stepping away from childhood in giant leaps.

I'm afraid this topic will be a refrain for the next few years. How do you deal with your babies growing up?

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