Thursday, April 29, 2010

Snake Eyes

Eleven years ago today, after a seemingly endless labor, Griffin Hudson joined our family. The birth of that boy was one of my proudest moments; an affirmation that I could, in fact, deliver a healthy, full term baby. Unlike this year's premature version of spring, that particular spring arrived simultaneously with our new baby. I remember driving home from St. Peter's on Hackett Blvd, and seeing that all the tulips had popped open, mimicking somehow the birthing process I had recently experienced.

While Liam had been a placid baby, Griffin was demanding. He didn't spend more than a dozen nights in his crib and refused to cry himself out. The only place he contentedly slept was in our bed, so we caved and allowed it. I understand that all the baby books say that this is "wrong," but I know that this physical closeness created a child who loves giving and receiving affection. I remember once waking up in the middle of the night and rolling towards him, only to see that his eyes were wide open, burning like embers as he stared at the ceiling. He is an an old soul and has caused me on more than one occasion to consider the possibility of reincarnation. And since he has a history of struggling with telling the truth, I suspect his current life may not be his last.

I feel deeply connected to each of my children and can't yet imagine the day that we no longer share the same roof. Griffin and I have a special connection because I honestly know how his mind works. It is weird, but I can often see what he is thinking, which definitely impacts his ability to lie to me and get away with it. Although I think he resembles Tom the most of all our boys, he is the one, I believe, is most like me in personality and temperament. And that's no lie, despite the fact that he likes hugs.


  1. My mother always comments on how amazing it is that the same combination of two people can produce so many different results. When you talk about your children it always makes me want to have one. Not until AFTER Italy! Happy Birthday to Griffin! Enjoy the celebration.

  2. Wow, I guess I was so busy with Juliana only being 18 days old to realize that they were so close in age. She too, hated the crib and refused to cry out the night like Erik did so easily. Erik was my 12 hour baby. If you put him to sleep at 8PM, he was up at 8AM. If you put him to sleep at 10 PM, he was up at 10 AM. Juliana on the other hand, well, was a handful. Could it be the April babies, the spring time air that makes them so perky. As you know, she is also a wise old sole. I don't see any past lives in her little mind but she is clever. You really do experience different connections with your children and I also notice that the connections change with age. (Their age, not ours) Since Griffin was an infant, I always noticed that he was very much like you in personality. All your children are quite different which makes for a nice variety. Griffin is quite interesting. Seems like the cool, layed bad dude. I like it.

  3. @Andrea - I can't wait until you really get to see the boys in action - next month!!

    @Beth - I remember when Juliana was born, although, I can't say I remember us ever getting together when we were both pregnant. It is funny that they are similar in personality - second child syndrome. Let's hope we can all get together this summer!

  4. Aw, happy belated to your guy. Taureans rock :)

    I never felt right putting my babies in cribs. I couldn't give a rats ass what the baby books said when I took my daughter home from the hospital she was so helpless (obviously, right) I couldn't bare to sleep apart from her. She never used her crib. Then when I had my son I got even more radical (or crazy, depending on your POV) and didn't even bother getting a crib.