Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tasting Tuesday!

I'm really looking forward to joining my husband at the bar tonight @Dale Miller for some educating...that's right, it's Tasting Tuesday. A couple of things being offered tonight that have piqued my interest are the Hugel 'Cuvee Les Amore' Pinot Blanc Alsace, France, because you know I love me some Alsatian white, the Tir Na N'og Grenache 'Old Vines' McLaren Vale, Australia, because you've got to like an Australian wine with a Gaelic name, and the Selby Cabernet Sauvignon Sonoma, Ca, just because we visited Susie on one of our trips to Cali and she was just another cool lady following her passion. Unless you've got a thing going on with the Wine Director at Dale Miller, you should probably call for a reservation. And if you do have a thing going on with the Wine Director, we should probably talk.

Update/correction - When I originally posted this (at like 4:45 a.m.) I confused Susie Selby with Cathy Corison. I apologize for any bewilderment this may have caused. Believe me, sometimes those California trips get a little addled to say the least.


  1. Dude, your last post totally got me interested in doing the DM tastings. I signed up for one of theirs in May - can't wait!

  2. At last - we shall meet! I have to go to the Italian tasting for research purposes obviously and the 25th will be conducted by a friend. It's a date, AJ.

  3. Jay and I totally into it too. Have a reservation for May11th. At least I think we do.