Tuesday, May 10, 2011

DeWitt Lake

I spent a very enjoyable afternoon at a friend's house outside of New Paltz this weekend.  Now you know I love my house (more and more each day), but I have to say I think I could be very happy living at Gregory's place. It may have been the combination of old friends, terrific food, amazing lighting and the internal joy I have had busting out of me recently, but it was most certainly a magical day.   The property, 45 acres, includes a beautiful small lake with a main house that is a perfect example of how to live efficiently in a small, well conceived space. There were no unnecessary items, yet the  overall feeling was luxuriously indulgent.  Nothing extraneous, yet nothing missing.  Perfect.

One of the highlights of the day was the guided walk on the pathway surrounding the lake.  The trail meandered in a completely innocent fashion all the while leading the visitor from vista to vista in a supremely calculated fashion.  It was almost like a visit to a movie set - totally designed for effect while at the same time giving the appearance of absolute happenstance.  Like that pagoda to the right.  It seemed as if it fell from the sky only to land in the perfect picturesque location effortlessly.  For those of you who have spent years perfecting the "no make-up make-up look," you know what I'm talking about here.  It ain't always easy to look natural.

Thoughtfully placed artifacts, both inanimate and organic,  were scattered around the walking path creating a sense of delight to the discoverer.  The pervasive feeling was absolute peacefulness and I sincerely hope Gregory opens the gates to his property for me on additional occasion because it is obviously the type of place where the quiet, attuned observer could contentedly watch the earth evolve for days and days.  The lighting on this particular Sunday, changing from sunlit, blue skies, to an amber yellow, to dove gray, alone made the afternoon feel as if the sky was in competion with the new foliage for its fair share of attention.  The last picture below, I believe, was the sky's attempt to trump the earth's offering of lilacs and dogwood blossoms.  Fortunately, there was sufficient time to absorb the rainbow's beauty while cutting armloads of lilacs to fill my house - looks like I was the winner in nature's face-off.  Spring is most certainly here - get out there, somewhere, and enjoy it.

Buddha watch
View from across the lake

Stunning rainbow - naturally

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  1. Jealous. I miss that area so much. Have you ever ventured over to High Falls? There are some great little places there too.