Tuesday, May 31, 2011

For sale: lifestyle complete with living space

You'll never imagine what's in here!  photo: Skip Dickstein, Times-Union
My friend, Will and his partner, Raj, are moving on to a new domestic project, which means their current home is newly on the market.  They've received quite a bit of media attention, with articles in both the Times Union and posted on All Over Albany, relating to their home and I don't imagine it will be for sale for long.  I don't write real estate ads, but, if I did, Will's would read something like this:

Will's kitchen
You know a couple  of things about life; it's okay to be different and walls only get in the way.  Your home should reflect these basic tenets.  Offered today is 328 Ontario Street, an urban oasis, architect designed, living space.  2000 square feet of impeccable attention to detail, yet maintaining a versatility to inspire your own creativity.

Unexpected and sophisticated, the space previously known as the Licensed Plumbers Association, incorporates flexibility, privacy and more organized storage space than any cookie cutter place in the 'burbs.  Perfect as either a retreat or as the ideal place to entertain.  Every amenity including sun filled stainless steel kitchen, walk in pantry, full size Energy Star washer/dryer, spacious Kohler walk in shower, uber cool bedroom Z-box.  Unique, conveniently located and completely secure.  There's only one of these and it could be yours.
kitchen office - check out those red cabinets!
What is impossible to convey without an actual visit to the property is the incredible brightness of the space, despite the lack of traditional windows.  Sun streams in from the skylights and there is a definite zen quality to having light shine down from above, while the eye travels unimpeded over the interior walls.  Tranquil.  This home won't be for everyone, but without a doubt, it will be perfect for someone. 

Z-box bedroom


  1. That is my dream kitchen. All that stainless steel and room to work? LOVE.

  2. The kitchen is awesome! Lots of storage and work space, bright and sunny and completely welcoming. I totally agree with you, Jennifer.