Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day

pretty table, pretty plate, pretty tasty
Sunday evening I thanked my boys for a lovely Mother's Day and I wasn't even kidding.  There was nothing I would have changed about the day, other than to have included more guests. There was very little indulgence in the traditional sense, but you folks know how I am -  happy to be productive, and that was what the day was all about.  Despite having a mental list of things to do, I slept in a bit and then forced myself to not get out of bed until 9 a.m.  Just so you know, this is actually harder for me than getting up at the crack of dawn to go to the gym.  Since the boys are not really capable of making breakfast (although making a mess is a skill they have mastered),  I cooked up some waffles and sausage and we enjoyed a delicious breakfast accompanied by the day's editions of the Times-Union and the NY Times, courtesy of Liam.  Very indulgent - I haven't regularly read the Sunday Times since before I became a mother. 
pretty special neighbors and friends
Next up was laundry, sweeping the "helicopter" debris from the neighbor's enormous tree off of my deck,organizing flower pots, and planting some herbs and lettuce in a couple of large containers.  I had picked up some flowers on Saturday at the Delaware Avenue Neighborhood Association plant sale and happily got my hands dirty arranging geraniums, pansies, nicotina and a couple of other things in an array of planters.  I also weeded the front yard, planted some morning glories and nasturtium, re-grouted the shower drain upstairs and re-wired the door lock release button - and still had time for a 3 mile run! 

The only way to end a day like this was with an impromptu dinner party.  I already had a mess of pork chops marinating in soy sauce and kecap menis, so I decided to call the neighbors, add some chicken breasts to the grill and make it a party.  Ken and Lori shared their crop of freshly picked spinach so I made a salad of the greens with Gorgonzola, strawberries and a light lemon and olive oil dressing, along with some grilled asparagus and baked sweet potatoes.  The table was lovely, the evening was mild enough for comfort and the wine, a 1997 Petite Syrah from Lava Cap, was fantastic.  Since I hadn't a chance to bake (I know, I'm such a lax hostess!  What the hell was I doing all day instead of sifting and stirring?!), we finished our meal  with leftover Easter candy, including a fresh box of Peeps, and sips of Navan.  Delightful.
I may not have been the recipient of a spa gift certificate as I have been past years, but the gifts bestowed upon me were sincerely simple; the newspapers and the chance to read them somewhat leisurely, breakfast with my boys, the opportunity to accomplish many tasks which will give me pleasure for months to come, and a couple of  handmade coupon booklets good for shoulder rubs, garbage removal and vacuuming.  And who needs commercial flowers anyway when you have a  house filled with fresh lilacs?  Being a mother isn't always easy, but a day like this one reminds me what the real gifts of being a mom are, and, just like that handmade card proudly mounted on my refrigerator, I will cherish them forever.

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  1. You've got that one nailed down very well ! All I want on Mother's Day is to be with my family in my home, accomplishing some tasks, enjoying some quiet time, our traditional gardening. The Spa and gifts are fine, but those are things that I can acquire myself. It is the quality time with my family that is the most special gift to me of all. Something that I can not acquire on my own. I can always rely on Juliana for the beautifully touching, well written notes that she has mastered by maturely developed writing skills. She now writes about her love and appreciation of me as her Mother and lovingly acknowledges all the time I devote to actually "being" a mother. Erik is always reliable for getting his point across in one, very well written sentence, something that reflects the year ahead (such as looking forward to our time we will be spending together this year searching for colleges, boo hoo) and he is always a definite with a written "I Love You." Doesn't ever get any better than that does.