Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Breakfast Burrito!

There is something about a breakfast burrito that I adore. And I'm not talking about some crappy fast food excuse of a burrito - I'm talking about a luscious blend of velvety scrambled eggs, some avocado, a smear of vegetarian refried beans and a healthy dollop of salsa all wrapped up in a flour tortilla. A little spicy, a bit creamy, and an excellent opportunity to work vegetables into the first meal of the day. Although the combination of ingredients is my standard burrito combination there are so many other items that would fit perfectly into a tortilla - perhaps a pork product, cheese, tomatoes, spinach, asparagus from Amy & Gretchen's asparagus patch...

Do you have a favorite out of the ordinary breakfast treat with which you like to start the day?


  1. While I rarely eat this for breakfast, an egg-and-cheese burrito with salsa (and spinach, if we have any) is one of my favorite go-to dinners when I have no time or energy to cook. Yummy! Do you have a favorite bottled salsa you'd recommend?

  2. buba cakes...polish crepes, real buttery, filled with full fat cottage cheese and berries, or anything from nutella to bacon and chevre with scallion.

  3. I second the crepes. I found a fool proof recipe that has taken me from pancakes forever. Pancakes make me feel sick though-- but not these, my other go to! Put in blender: 2 cups oatmeal(not cooked); 2 cups egg whites (the pint sized container); 2 cups cottage cheese; lots of cin. and van.
    "Power Pancakes"-- great for kids before school. Protein, complex carbs. Love it! I make big batches, cook them up, and freeze them. xoxo

  4. @Ellen - I don't really have a preference since we're kind of stuck buying something mild so the boys can enjoy it. I doctor up whatever the hubby bought (Old El Paso, Chi-Chi's)with a bit of adobo sauce because I love smoky.
    @Em/Liz - When are those on the menu? I want in!
    @Rach - Those sound amazing. Anything that I can make in a blender is good in my book. If I were using egg white leftovers (from eggs Benedict perhaps) how many do you think I'd need?

  5. emily- full fat cottage cheese is a disturbing image. thanks a lot.... i have no appetite for anything now.