Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Celebrity Whores

An open letter to the women who sleep with famous married men and then try to sell their stories:

Dear Loose Lips -
I wanted to congratulate you on reaching new depths in whoredom. You've really upped the ante for all of the future infidels because it is no longer enough to simply sleep with another woman's husband. Oh, no. Thanks to your capitalist nature and opportunistic ways, the act of deception is insufficient unless the entire universe hears your version of the sordid affair. Well done!! You're famous and perhaps have even gained financially from some woman's husband's transgression. You do, of course, realize that you are famous for being a whore, right? I'm sure your family is really proud.

Marriage is challenging and I do understand that extramarital affairs sometimes occur. What I do not understand is why anyone would value celebrity and money so much that they are willing to abandon any shred of self-respect or integrity. But, please stop trying to explain to the media (and to the wronged wife) what happened, marital interloper. I think the only person who might care to hear your perspective less than me is busy right now meeting with a really good divorce lawyer.

Sincerely - Mrs. Silvia Lilly