Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Me - All Over Albany!

Two very cool things occurred recently relating to my little blog and I wanted to share them with you. The first relates to some very nice words sent my way via All Over Albany. For the past month or so, these nice folks have been linking to the DelSo in their weekly Around the Neighborhood postings. I must admit, the first time I saw a link I started calling everyone I knew to share the exciting news. This euphoria was rather short lived, however, because there was a formidable amount of explaining involved to convince some people of the significance of the "linkage." It kind of went like this:

Me: "Guess what? All Over Albany linked to one of my blog postings."
Them: "You have a blog?"
Me: "Yes, for about 6 months now. It's called DelSo."
Them: "What's a DelSo?"

Needless to say, it quickly became less than satisfying. Fortunately, All Over Albany gave me a terrific shout out in mid-May, that more than made up for the lack of social media awareness of which some of my friends are guilty. Check this one out! I'm so happy they picked this posting to highlight (it is one of my personal favorites) and that I intentionally omitted the name of the restaurant.

Now, the second nifty thing that I recently experienced, basically directly countered the conversations regarding my blog which I shared above. Last week I was working at the restaurant and a woman at the bar initiated a conversation with me. It went like this:

Her: "Do you have a blog?"
Me (nervously blushing): "Yes."
Her: "What is it called?"
Me: "DelSo."
Her: "I knew you looked familiar! I read your blog and I really like it."

My first paparazzi experience!! Ok - there were no flashbulbs, cameras, or Lady Gaga lyrics, but still - I was recognized from this little blog. Damned cool! Thanks for reading DelSo - and come back soon.

image courtesy of Amy Mengel.


  1. Hey Silvia, This is fantastic! I hope more of this comes your way. You definite gift is in the written word. I read it often. Keep it up, good things are bound to come your way!

  2. Because you are dam cool Lady !
    I love reading what you write)

  3. that is really cool! they recently started linking to me too, and every time I see a new link I get so excited!

  4. The All Over Albany shout out is what made me add you to my Google Reader. I really enjoy your blog!
    -Margie C.