Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Yellow Salad

I started making a green salad this weekend, however, I actually ended up with a more decidedly yellow one!  I mean, there definitely was a green "base" of mixed field greens, but by the time I added all of the beautiful vegetables (and 2 fruits, counting tomatoes) I ended up with a delicious bowlful of yellow yumminess. 

To my foundation of greens, I added: roasted beets (really - you don't like beets?  Really?  These were like candy!), fresh corn off the cob (leftover), yellow cherry tomatoes, yellow peppers and cubed mango.  I finished the salad with a dressing of olive oil, balsamic, salt, pepper and mustard.  Totally delicious.  For the last two days I've been craving arugula with olive oil, lemon juice and salt so that's my mission for today.  Don't you love summer eating?


  1. I just had the first corn of the season from my CSA. Damn! Summer food is mighty stuff.

  2. Gorgeous yummy looking salad. Yes, love summer eating!