Saturday, September 11, 2010

Journal Entry - 9/13/01

It has been the most desperately unhappy days I have ever known.  When Princess Diana died, it was terribly sad and the world mourned, but that tragedy pales in comparison to the horror we have witnessed. My spiritual home has been violated in a manner so violent to have never before been imagined.  For three days I  have seen the twin towers - beacons of the world's greatest city, crumble into a massive pile of rubble and bodies.  Thousands of people are no longer, and the repercussions of their deaths have not yet even begun to reverb throughout the world.  There is no real fear present, just an aching desire for justice to be executed, wisely, judiciously, without regret.  All of those families have been denied their loved ones... It is incomprehensible that the world continues to revolve, that the sun has shone so obscenely bright...Nothing will ever be the same again.  Our world is forever changed.

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