Friday, September 10, 2010

Boston Recap

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Earlier in the summer, I mentioned we were planning a weekend in Boston to celebrate our anniversary, as well as meet the new baby of some dear friends.  I solicited advice about what to do and see and thought it was only polite to let you all know how things went.  I  have to confess that I did nothing based upon recommendations made.  Please don't let that discourage you from making future suggestions, because I did appreciate the input.  Things just went a little off course, shall we say?  To begin, Tom had to work Saturday and couldn't travel east until Sunday morning.  Of course, I opted to take the train solo from Pittsfield (nearby to where we were ditching dropping off one of the boys) rather than change our reservations, and I don't regret my decision.  The train was comfortable, cheap ($18!) and very convenient to the Back Bay.  The hotel (once I found it after wandering around a bit on poorly laid streets lacking signage) was more than adequate and the staff was thoughtful and considerate - offering me a choice of rooms with varying amenities and a celebratory bottle of bubbly.  

Old South Church
After check-in, I cleaned up a bit and went out in search of oysters and champagne.  The concierge had recommended a place on Boyleston - The Atlantic Fish Company.  I checked out the menu and it looked like it would meet my needs, however, the wait for a table or a place at the bar was crazy long.  I decided to take my chances and to use my gourmet sense, (kind of like Spidey sense without the benefit of web-throwing) without a thought of settling for anything less than the perfect place.  I walked over to Newbury Street and saw an interesting menu at the Capital Grille and, unlike Red Sox fans (better luck next year!), I picked myself a winner.  As fate would dictate - there was one seat available at the bar and I settled in with a glass of Nicolas Feuillatte and a menu.  I decided on a half dozen oysters and the beef carpaccio, which was prepared in a style reminiscent of Tuscany, and completely had my cravings satiated.  The couple on my right were lovely and we had a very nice conversation about upstate New York and "Southies," a previously unheard term for folks from South Boston.  I completed my meal with the absolute best coconut cream pie ever and a glass of Far Niente Dolce, a complete indulgence at $22 a glass, but worth every penny.  Boston was doing more than okay by me.

Pretty lace skirts at 70% off!
Tom arrived Sunday morning fairly early and we enjoyed a leisurely walk around the Back Bay getting acquainted with the retail options.  The brownstones, were gorgeous and there were far too many stores to explore - but, believe me, I did my best.  We hit up an awesome Marshall's where I almost didn't make it out of the Shoe Department, and I got a bag filled with great stuff ( 3 skirts, 2 tops) at a consignment shop, Second Time Around,  for $33. And we even had time for a nap before our epic dinner.  

So - what's my verdict on Boston?  Let me put it in baseball terms - in the fall of '78  the Yankees beat the Red Sox in a one-game playoff for the American East title - they both had good seasons but we all know who went on to win the series. 

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