Saturday, September 18, 2010


In honor of the official first weekend of Football Sunday, we ordered take-out from the new place in the DelSo, Pizzalo, last week.  In addition to pizza their menu features pasta, salads, subs and wings, which certainly is convenient if you're serving a crowd with divergent appetites.  We kept things simple by placing a focused order of just pizza and wings. 
Large half pepperoni pizza

Small with onions
The guys had been jonesing for a pizza/wing feast for awhile so I wasn't able to grab any photos prior to the onset of the feeding frenzy, but I think you'll get the gist of things.  We went with a large pie, half pepperoni, a small pizza with onions and 24 wings.  The large pizza was definitely better than the small - we won't bother going small again.  The crust was decent, fairly crisp and had some of those airy-dough spots that I appreciate.  One of the issues I had with the previous pizza place on this corner was a tendency for them to under-cook the pizza and leave the crust soggy - yuck.  This pizza was definitely cooked the right length of time and the boys were very pleased with the texture, sauce and cheese.  The small pizza was weird - almost as if they assembled it from a different batch of ingredients.  Instead of being crisp it was nearly crunchy and had unfortunately absorbed some flavor from the cardboard.  It just wasn't good.  The onions were a bit skimpy, especially when 
 you consider the cost of onions, and I just wasn't feeling it with this menu item.  Fortunately, the wings helped to shift the balance in our overall experience.  Our wings were medium hot and had just the right amount of spice to evoke pleasure rather than pain.  They were nice and meaty without being over-sized and I generally found them to be high quality.  The wings were served with a generous amount of commercial bleu cheese dressing and fresh, crunchy carrot sticks. Solid.

The verdict?  A good addition to the neighborhood for convenient, one-stop, take out.  The quality of the food is pretty much what we expected and the owners have really taken some time to improve the physical appeal of the space.  We'll definitely put them in the rotation.


  1. One of the great mysteries of pizzerias is the difference between the bigger and smaller sizes. I'll never get it - most places have such a weird disparity.

  2. that pre-pizzalo place on that corner used to have decent slices but whenever we ordered a whole pie from there it was if it was made in a completely different way-crust too thick and soggy. strange. Good to know the wings had a little heat. My husband will want to try them. He just tried Lou-Bea's hottest wings and they were sooooo not hot at all.

  3. sorry, I have to disagree about Pizzalo. I have had 3 orders from there, the first was acceptable, the second and third had a clear lack of quality control. Undercooked pizza...burned calzone...greasy boneless wings...If this is the way they come out of the gate, I'm not waiting to see how bad they get!

  4. oh...and not to leave out an eggplant parm sub that had almost no eggplant and little sauce, I thought the sub was made for a 4 year old when I opened it and saw how sparse it was...