Thursday, September 2, 2010

KO'd by Kindergarten Orientation

Coloring the world.
This afternoon Quinn and I went to his Kindergarten Orientation at the Albany School of Humanities.  Quinn is my youngest child, the one I worked hardest to have and the one whose childhood I've been most ferocious about hanging onto.  You'd think that by now, I'd be accustomed to the fact that children grow up and become school aged, but walking through those hallways today with their shiny tiles, Quinn looked impossibly small to be taking such a big step into his future.  I must getting more sentimental as I get older or maybe it is just the knowledge that he is my last baby, but I suspect there might be some tears Tuesday morning.  And not just because it will mark the end of my fun-filled summer, either.  Why is it that the more children you have, the faster they grow?

Pedaling towards me still, not away.  Yet.
As I turned the proverbial calendar to a fresh new page, I reflected that all endings can also be considered beginnings, right? While Quinn's confident stride into the world of elementary education effectively ends a chapter in parenthood (and our days of daycare expenses) a whole new world is opening up to my little man.  A new world complete with labeled cubbies, friends waiting to be made and experiences that will impact and inspire my child.  

And so, Tuesday morning I will be going into work a little late, perhaps with some evidence of recent tears remaining upon my face, and I will focus on the start of wonderful new things for Quinn rather than an unofficial end to a tender stage of parenting .  No need to be knocked out by thoughts of my baby growing up when I possess the knowledge that each day will continue to end with him giving me the special kiss he created just for  us: cheek, cheek, forehead, nose, lips.  And, for now, I'll remain still standing.


  1. I've been reading for awhile and this post moved me to comment. As a dad with a boy soon to enter pre-school (he's soon to be 3), I too wonder where the time goes and what the days ahead will bring. Nice stuff -

  2. @bmaione - It is so funny that you came out of lurkdom and commented on this entry. I totally had it pegged as a chick post! Thanks for the kind words and for reading.

  3. i have tears while i read this, you know why. I will have tears as well as i watch my big boy (baby) walk on the school bus for the very first time... I will be thinking of you..