Friday, December 24, 2010

Ghosts of Christmas Past

I've always been a Christmas card person, even more so since having my children.  Each November I hope for inspiration and begin planning the annual missive.  I've got things down to an art - the addresses of the recipients are saved and printed onto labels, the boys generally cooperate on photo day and sometimes even help with preparing the envelopes, and I try to get everything in the mail by early December.  Just in case you haven't been on the Christmas List - here's some of what you've been missing.  All the best to you and yours for a peaceful and most Merry Christmas.  Silvia

cutting, glue and glitter - something parents of 1 child (sometimes) have time to do

Thatcher Park ~ 2000

what a somber Christmas that was...

the results of a mixed marriage: Red Sux Sox vs. Yankees


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