Thursday, December 30, 2010

A black & white world

so simple ~ so perfect

If there is any single food item which I consider myself to be an expert about, it is the black & white cookie.  And - please don't call it a "half-moon" because that makes no sense at all.  I've eaten uncountable examples of this NYC delicacy and have concluded that my favorite examples are heavy for their size, frosted with an icing that hardens rather than remain ing squishy to the touch and with a faint lemony flavor to the cookie.  Pictured above is my ideal - from Rocco's on Bleecker Street, home also to the best pannetone I've ever had.  This cookie gets elevated to the top of the heap by the addition of a light layer of apricot glaze between the spongy cookie and the icing.  Unexpected to the uninitiated, delightful to the experienced.  Get yourself to Rocco's.  You won't be sorry.

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