Saturday, January 1, 2011

Precious Metal

Why do we measure things in terms of metal? Consider the phrases which suggest the positive power of metal...." good as gold" ..."silver linings"... platinum blond." Think about it, though, What properties of metal would one really want in a relationship? Rusty strength? Susceptibility to the elements? Hmmm.

When he and I first met, I remember knowing that we were destined to be together - a golden couple in the smelter of life There was no doubt, under the festive and sparkly new year's decorations, that the gods were smiling down upon us. When you're a golden couple, you expect the shine to remain always, radiating happiness to all you encounter. Ahhhh.

I just read a book, on  loan from a friend on her library account (thanks, Donna), that had some seriously resonating moments - sentiments echoing like the sound of a mallet on a metal drum. The title is: This is Not the Story You Think It Is by Laura Munson. The author, among other things, warned of the myth of the golden couple: "Maybe our hidden weakness was simply that we believed we were golden.  Different.  Special."  Munson wrote her book too late to warn me of such perils and I hear myself in her questions, her "How did we get here?"  I think she is the same age as I am and we've experienced  similar crises, despite their being nearly completely different. Sounds contradictory, but heartache is heartache. And there is plenty of it to go around.

Gold and silver and platinum, precious metals, a commodity in our world. A first kiss 18 years ago. Which really has more meaning? Which is stronger?

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  1. and? which has more meaning? which is stronger? answers to questions yet?