Monday, January 31, 2011


I don't get to many movies, unless they're rated G, of course. And those G rated movies I think more of as $8 naps anyway. I have been trying to see some of the Oscar nominated films, a task I take on every year about this time with mixed results. I've only caught three of the nominated films and they each left an impression on me.  Note: an impression is not necessarily a positive thing. 

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The film I saw first while on my mission, was the critically acclaimed Black Swan,  which I absolutely detested.  The acting was very good and I loved the costumes and special effects, but the plot alternated between boring me to tears and annoying me.  I can't tell you how pissed I was to find myself in a theater, alone by choice, suffering through B.S.  I don't know what I regret more: selecting this movie or not walking out  when it turned  the corner to ridiculous.  Next! 

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My oldest son, Liam, is a bit of a history buff, particularly when the topic is England. On his request we went to see The King's Speech recently and I really enjoyed the movie - the story, the acting, seeing Helena Bonham-Carter wearing normal clothes...  Colin Firth is incredible and it would be a crime (especially after the snub for A Single Man) if he didn't take an Oscar home for his work.  The only bad thing about this movie, as far as I can tell, is the absurdity of the R rating.  As Liam said, there were way more F-bombs in Get Him to the Greek which had no historical significance.  Out of the mouths of babes...

This past weekend I checked out one of the  nominated documentaries, Gasland, based on the recommendation of a friend.  I have to admit that I may have caught a wee nap during the middle of the film, but, believe me, I saw enough to completely enrage me.  I mean, even angrier than the time I wasted invested watching the Black Swan.  Are you familiar with this movie?  Essentially, the filmmaker, Josh Fox, is offered the "opportunity" to lease his land to a company interested in drilling for natural gas.  Josh decides to do a little research prior to committing to having his land raped and what he learns is intensely disturbing.  I don't want to completely give the plot away, but suffice it to say that Dick Cheney's Halliburton is involved.  Enough said.
I'm hoping to see Blue Valentine one night this week - or even at a matinee if the Snow God(dess) is smiling.  What have you seen?  Any predictions for Oscar winners?

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  1. "Black Swan" infuriated me as well. Boring, predictable, and dishonest.