Tuesday, January 11, 2011

(Post)Holiday Party at Cafe Capriccio

You remember how I said I was more than ready for the holidays to be over so I could have a little time to detox?  Well, it hasn't occurred yet.  Perhaps post-MLK weekend I will have an opportunity to dry out a bit, but the weekend after that is the Michael Franti show...I just don't see it happening anytime soon.  Ah, what the hell, I may as well just go with it, right?  Life is short and I've been blessed with an existence absolutely filled with delicious food and amazing wine.   Case in point: last night I enjoyed a fabulous evening out celebrating the holidays with the entire staff of the Lark Street Wine Bar and Bistro, hosted by Kevin Everlath, at the chef's table at Cafe Capriccio.  You know I have big love for the Cafe, and Jim Rua, and once again he did not disappoint.  I'm going to let the pictures tell the story of the meal we ate with gusto, but I would like to attribute the quote of the evening to Jason Baker.  Directed to Jim Rua and his kitchen staff, it followed the bountiful antipasti and pasta course and went something like this:  "The main course had better be good.  You set the bar high.  Jesus Christ!"  I know that Jim is often referred to as "Chief,"  but apparently to Jason (and all present last night) he also is a deity.  Our meal was that good.  I apologize in advance for not having photos of everything, including the life changing tripe with pork ribs, the tender cuttlefish and the crazy delicious mushroom dish.  I was distracted at times by my own need to eat and drink, forgive me.  Trust me though, everything was fantastic.  To make up for my lapse I'll give you instead a tidbit of hospitality insider information...  Much of the food pictured below will soon be available north of the Twin Bridges.  Watch for a Cafe Capriccio-esque presence soon in the Spa city.  Until then - feast on these pictures and visit the original location on Grand Street.
peppers stuffed with house made pheasant sausage

blood oranges, berries and cheese

white bean and braised kale crostini, roasted tomatoes, long beans with garlic


Yves (formerly of L'Auberge) plating pasta with a spicy watercress pesto

watercress pesto with tomatoes

plates waiting to be put to use

lamb shank extraordinaire with mashed beans and tender braised kale

kerry and jonathan - my alternating monday night work partners

crisan's tiramisu

                              the lark street wine bar and bistro crew


  1. Love the way they use kale!!

  2. Oh my. I'm a little bit jealous. Lucky girl. Everything looks delicious. And what company to share it with.