Friday, December 17, 2010

Miss Sydney's Indu Chutney

I found an unopened jar of this delectable, locally made chutney in my refrigerator the other day and immediately opened it to enjoy with some takeout Indian food.  I imagine I originally purchased it at either the Honest Weight or the Troy Farmer's market - either that or the chutney fairy visited my house while I was sleeping.  However it found its way to my kitchen is incidental because, now that I know it is there, it won't be sticking around for long.  It is soooo delicious.  And made in Feura Bush.  And it doesn't contain any crap - just dates, raisins, water, vinegar, spices and light brown sugar.  That's it.  

Here's the website to get yourself some - if not directly from them, from one of the purveyors listed. This would help you to make one of my favorite simple appetizers.  Place a nice wedge of brie or cream cheese on an ovenproof serving dish.  Dump (or spoon, for you delicate types) a generous amount of chutney on top of the cheese.  Place in the oven (350 degrees)  until the cheese is melty and soft, perhaps 5 minutes or so.  Serve with hearty crackers.  Enjoy.

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  1. Cream cheese and chutney...that's a little blast from my past! Thank you for that.