Tuesday, May 15, 2012

If I were mayor - crosswalk etiquette

To me, living in a city means not always relying upon a car to get my errands done.  As a matter of fact, my favorite days are those when I don't have to even get in my car.   

I've noticed there are some problems when negotiating one's way around Albany on foot - namely cars and their drivers.  If I were mayor I would make it a priority to both educate the public, and enforce the existing laws regarding  pedestrians and crosswalks.  

 A couple of years ago when Delaware Avenue was improved, a number of crosswalks were included in the plan. These crosswalks are clearly marked on the pavement and are actually engineered from an alternative material from the rest of the road. some sort of faux brick outlined by white striping.

Now, you'd think that drivers would take note of this and perhaps abide by the law and allow pedestrians to cross the street safely.  Unfortunately, this is not the case and crossing Delaware Avenue continues to be a risky prospect.  I have to admit that sometimes I yell at drivers who refuse to yield to pedestrians.  Yep, that crazy woman shouting "Crosswalk!!!" and pointing at the previously described street markings was probably me. 

Is it possible that drivers are unaware of the status of the pedestrian?  Maybe the crosswalks need to be even more clearly defined?  Perhaps additional signage, or even lights, could be added to attract the attention of the drivers who do not seem to notice the crosswalks.  And, for those on foot, utilizing the crosswalks is the civilized way to get from one side of the street to the other.  Enough of this "crossing wherever I feel like it" nonsense.   

Pedestrians and cars - it's a two street.  Let's make it better for everyone, Albanians.  


  1. I'm on it Sil!!

    -Wayne Saward
    Master of Urban and Regional Planning, Transportation

  2. Stood there the other day, trying to cross IN a crosswalk, WITH a "yield to pedestrians" sign right in the road, and it was clear no drivers were willing to give even an inch. Insanity.