Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Rock n Run

Delmar Dash Day
I haven't really written too much about running lately...because I've been too damn busy running!  I ran a couple of races in March, including the Running of the Green (4 mi., 37:10) and the Ice Breaker Challenge 5k (26:25), while April's focus was the Delmar Dash (5 mi, 43:50).  You should know that I never imagined being able to bang out a 5k like it's nothing - when did that happen?  As far as running 5 MILES - well, I certainly didn't ever think I would be able to do that in my lifetime.  So, you know what that means, right?  Time to start pushing to 10k distances! 

I've been running with a couple of girlfriends and we're exploring the Normanskill, as well as the Pine Bush.  I love running down by the 'kill and would love to organize a couple of moonlit runs during the warmer months.  I think we could do a sweet 5 or 6 mile loop through the Normanskill area to the back nine at Capital Hills and then across New Scotland to Whitehall and back to the DelSo.  If you're interested let me know.  We'll probably have to be semi-stealth about it - shhhh.  As far as running in the Pine Bush - wow!  It is challenging and beautiful and kind of scary (ticks!), but it is also the perfect spot to meet my Niskayuna running friend, Chrissy.  And did I mention that it is stunningly beautiful?

May promises to be fun with the Rock and Run 5K, especially fun, in fact, if you're hitting Saratoga Saturday afternoon for a quick spin through the park's trails followed by a nice dinner and perhaps a cocktail.  Or two.  The run doesn't start until 10:30 Sunday morning so there are definite opportunities for fun!  Why don't you sign up, too?  Let's make it a real party.


  1. Ticks scare me. Do you get them even sticking on the trails? I might be up for a trail run, but I don't have trail shoes. Are those necessary?

  2. Ticks frighten me, too, because if I get Lyme disease I won't be able to run - or worse. I really need to get better about looking for them but I don't really have anyone in my life to do a thorough tick check post-run. I know some people who spray themselves with some sort of DEET to repel them, but I need to get on my game about it. Seriously. I have a pair of Nike trail running shoes, but, honestly don't think they're all that different from my regular Asics running shoes, so I'd say they're not necessary. Of course, they seemed necessary when I was in that Nike outlet while on vacation...