Sunday, August 22, 2010

Country Eggs Benedict at the Old Tymes Cafe

Just off of Route 20, east of Syracuse
Hello, heart attack
There's this little joint, just southeast of my brother's place outside of Syracuse, that is the real deal.  Cash only, lots of regulars, good coffee, and hearty food served fast and hot - the perfect place for a breakfast or lunch when we're taking the "slow" way home.  Despite my being filled with disdain regarding the September issue of Food & Wine and its unyielding focus on Southern cuisine, a menu item here caught my eye - Country Eggs Benedict.  Although I don't usually order this sort of thing, I was intrigued...English muffins, topped with sausage patties and poached eggs drowned in sausage gravy.  This was definitely something I wasn't ever making at home.  I threw caution to the wind, glad that I had worn a skirt with a (previously) loose waistband, and ordered this new-to-me version of one of my favorite morning meals.  Holy crap!  I've never had a breakfast that I could have  so easily shared.  I know the photo isn't great (I feel a little self-conscious whipping the Nikon out sometimes) because I used my crackberry, but the plate was lumberjack massive.  Sadly enough, I ate only one of the two eggs and barely put a dent into the perfectly prepared, crispy home-fries before admitting defeat.  The good news, though, is that we're heading back to Syracuse at the end of the month for the State Fair.  And I know Liam, who loves breakfast sausage, is going to be as excited as I am to share this previously unimagined riff on Eggs Benedict.


  1. Oh my gosh... let me know when you are going. I need these eggs so badly.

    Actually... I've got some bacon, eggs, and milk in my fridge... maybe.

  2. No joke! All this for $5.75 - a real bargain per pound gained.