Sunday, August 22, 2010

Madison-Bouckville Outdoor Antique Fair

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It's not like I need an excuse to hit the road, but the proximity of this antique fair to my brother's house provided an easy opening, or out, as the case may be.  I do not consider myself an antique-y sort of girl, but I was positively awestruck by this place and the treasures it held.  "Treasures," by the way, was the word, Lisa, my passenger on this adventure, and I agreed upon as our code word to pull the car over if she wanted to investigate one of the satellite yard/barn/garage sales as we approached the main sales area.  I don't like people yelling at me when I drive and would not have been comfortable with my copilot yelling "Stop!" or "Oh, my God!!" each time she wanted to check something out.   Feel free to file this Silvia tidbit in a useful place for future reference.
Check out the flour dispenser -
built right in!
This goes perfectly
in my dream kitchen
Unfortunately, I hadn't anticipated how much I was going to enjoy the whole scene and hadn't allotted enough time to adequately explore the acres and acres of merchandise, but, we did find some awesome things.   I didn't take photos of anything we actually purchased, (no reason  for Lisa's husband to know exactly what she bought, right?), but here are a couple of snaps of things we regrettably left behind.  It was certainly a good plan to drive my wagon instead of Lisa's Bug - the back of my car ultimately held two totally sweet more-than-slightly neglected wooden chairs, a completely cool bird cage with stand, and some small shelf-space worthy tchotchkes.  And a hot, (not really) vintage dress, for me.  This Fair is without a doubt on our calendars for Summer 2011  - meet me there.

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